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Spring 2018 Planned Projects and Dates

The Aspen Team is on winter vacation until early 2018.  Projects and dates for summer 2018 will be discussed and prioritized in January and February.  Announcements and a new schedule will be provided shortly thereafter.

Date Site Work Needed
 Spring 2018 
Watch this spaceWatch this space 

Many projects and outings are always in the planning stages and will be announced as each month approaches.  

For more information and updates on planned events contact:

Dave Downes, Aspen Team Coordinator 


Two Year History of Completed Projects

Below are lists of completed project for 2015 and 2016.  This will provide an understanding of the types of projects the team is involved with and is representative of the team's contributions to the well being of our forests in Northern Arizona. 

2016 Projects  (for reference) 

April 2016

April 22: Repaired two aspen exclosures along FR151E that were damaged over the winter.  Added over 3000 feet of HT wire to the larger one to raise the height to 7 ½ feet or higher.

April 29: Repaired 4 exclosures along FR794 that had been damaged over the winter.

April 30: Constructed a new exclosure along US180 for aspen planting later in the season – part of our aspen regeneration project along US180

May 2016

May 6: Repaired an exclosure west of US180 that had been damaged during the winter and added over 3500 feet of HT wire to raise the height to 71/2 feet.

May 13 &14: Constructed an exclosure along FR321C on the MRRD; repaired an exclosure at Buck Spring – we camped overnight near FR321C.

May 20: Repaired several exclosures in the Hart Prairie area that had been damaged over the winter; installed a sign at the Young cabin at Leroux Spring

May 28: Constructed a second exclosure along US180 for our aspen regeneration project

June 2016

June 3: Repaired exclosures at Priest Draw, Winsor Tank, Navajo Spring and Bear Park.

June 11 & 12: Returned to Buck Spring on the MRRD to construct a new aspen exclosure and to repair existing ones at Lower Buck Spring and at McClintock Spring – we camped overnight at Buck Spring.

June 18: Made numerous repairs to a large exclosure west of US180

June 24: Constructed a log-worm fence at Brolliar Park

July 2016

July 9: Built the third aspen exclosure along US180 for our aspen regeneration project

July 15: Built two log-worm fences at Sheep Spring

August 2016

August 6: Repaired exclosures on the MRRD at General Spring, Merritt Draw and Houston Draw

August 13: Rebuilt a mile plus of pasture fence near FR9002Q to make it pronghorn friendly (replaced the bottom barbed wire with smooth wire and insured it was 18-20 inches above the ground)

August 19: Cleared an area along FR193 for the construction of a new aspen exclosure; set 40 t-posts

September 2016

September 1: Removed a large exclosure at Coulter Ridge that was no longer protecting any aspen

September 10: Finished constructing a new exclosure along FR193 and began constructing a new one along FR245 by setting 57 t-posts

September 15: Replaced ¼ mile or more of sheep fence with 2 strands of barbed wire and one of smooth to make the fence pronghorn friendly

September 24: Finished constructing a new aspen exclosure along FR245

September 30: Replaced ½ mile of sheep fence with 2 strands of barbed wire and one of smooth to make it pronghorn friendly.


2015 Projects  (for reference) 

June 2015

June 6: Construct a new exclosure near the Nature Conservancy’s Hart-Prairie Preserve for Bebb willows.  It’s a small exclosure (<320 feet in perimeter) but we will need to build all 4 corners.

June 13 & 14: Return to Buck Spring on the MRRD to construct a new exclosure on the large meadow there.  We will camp overnight at Buck Spring.

June 18: Work with some other volunteer groups to assist in the construction of a log-worm fence (zig-zag design) at Brolliar Park (along the meadow across from the exclosure).

June 20: Construct two exclosures at Maxwell Spring (Wing Mountain, off FR222).

June 27: Finish the exclosures at Maxwell Spring and/or something else TBA.

July 2015

July 10: La Negrita Tank west of Mormon Lake (phase #1):  stage the materials, layout fence boundary, and set T-   posts.   

July 14: La Negrita Tank (phase #2): set the remaining T-posts, stretch the fencing, and complete the exclosure.

July 31 and August 1:  Buck Spring on the Mogollon Rim district to finish the new exclosure started on June 13.  We will again camp overnight at Buck Spring.

August 2015

August 14:  Maintenance  work on aspen fences, primarily raising some that are low in places.  Details to be determined. 

August 27: Rebuild pronghorn fences.  A second outing to continue this project is tentatively scheduled for September 15.

August 29:  TBD 

September 2015

September 5:     Go to exclosure #9 along US 180 to add a strand of high tension wire to the top 

September 11:   Make improvements to existing aspen exclosure fences

September 15:   Work with Cary Thompson from the Forest Service and her wildlife biology crew to rebuild another section of pasture                              fence make it pronghorn friendly

September 19:    Make improvements to existing aspen exclosure fences (location TBD)

September 25:   Build a log-worm fence at Babbitt Spring (near Hoxworth and fairly close to Lake Mary).

October 2015

October 2:         Return to Buck Spring on the Mogollon Rim to replace damaged, experimental fencing with standard design



Preventative Search and Rescue volunteers needed for any weekend throughout the summer months

Friends of Northern Arizona Forests is partnering with the Forest Service to provide a new Preventative Search and Rescue (PSAR) program on the Kachina Peaks Wilderness.  The program is modeled after the popular and successful PSAR program at Grand Canyon National Park. 

Volunteers are present at popular trailheads like the Humphreys Trail and Kachina Trail during peak use periods such as weekends and holidays. 

They provide information such as proper gear to be worn, recognizing altitude sickness, staying hydrated, bringing food, and lightning/weather awareness.  Volunteers also provide general information about the area including less challenging alternative trails, general Wilderness information and Leave No Trace ethics.  

If you love to hike and like to engage and educate people, please consider volunteering.  

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Brian Poturalski,(928) 606-3806.




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