Friends of Northern Arizona Forests

Organization of the Year for 2017

Friends of Northern Arizona Forests was chosen by the Arizona Daily Sun as their top                    organization for 2017.   The announcement was made in their December 30, 2017 issue.  Below is the link to the full article as printed in the paper:  

On January 9, 2018, a luncheon at Little America honored the "Male" and "Female" persons of the year as well as FoNAF, organization of the year.  Below is a photo from that occasion taken by the Daily Sun's photographer that appeared in the January 10, 2018 newspaper:



Who We Are

We are a diverse, motivated group of volunteers and community members, all working together toward a common goal. Our members come from all age groups, walks of life, and backgrounds; each member brings unique skills and abilities, yet all share the love for being outdoors and protecting the forests.

The foundation of FoNAF is the preservation and protection of aspen trees and wildlife, which is achieved through the "Aspen Team."  Specifics about the team's membership, background, and mission can be found in the "Aspen Program" section of the website.

Mission Statement

Friends of Northern Arizona Forests is dedicated to assisting the United States Forest Service in maintaining, protecting, and restoring the natural and cultural resources and the scenic beauty of our forest lands for the enjoyment and use of present and future generations. We are a solution-oriented volunteer group that works in partnership with the Forest Service to assist the Service in tasks it does not have the staff or the funds to accomplish on its own. In addition, we seek to connect the community and the Forest Service to the benefit of both parties and of the forest itself.

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